Benzema declared war on Deschamps? Hint at self-exposure and quitting the team.

In an interview with Le Parisien, French coach Deschamps said that it was Benzema’s own decision to quit FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022. Benzema then responded to Deschamps’ "I really dare to say (panic)" in social media. On Saturday, Benzema was not selected for the Real Madrid game due to injury and stayed in the gym to recover alone. He wrote in social media: "We don’t have much choice." With a picture of pretending to cry, it seems to mean something. On another platform, Benzema hinted again that he would personally tell the story of his withdrawal from the World Cup. He wrote: "I will explain myself to people." Next, the French team’s melon is worth looking forward to.

Macy is really behind the times! The Champions League has been eliminated for 8 consecutive years.

Messi is recognized as the new king of soccer, and his achievements have surpassed those of Brazil’s Pele and Argentina’s Diego Maradona. Boxing is afraid of being young, and the ball is also afraid of being young. Is the era of Messi over? Yes, the era of Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo is over. Being knocked out of the Champions League for eight consecutive seasons is proof that Messi is behind the times. In 2015, with the help of the trident of MSN, Suarez, Neymar and Messi, Barcelona won the Champions League, which was also the last time that these three stars won the Champions League. Later, when Messi played for Barcelona in 2016, he was eliminated by Atletico Madrid in the quarter-finals of the Champions League.

In the Champions League in 2017, Messi once again encountered difficulties. Although Barcelona led by Messi was smooth in the group stage, he also surpassed Raul in that season and became the player with the most goals in the Champions League group stage. However, in the knockout stage of the Champions League, I met a real enemy. In the quarter-finals, I met Juventus, the Italian giants at that time. In the first leg, I suffered a 0-3 defeat away from home and returned to the home to draw 0-0, with a total score of 0-3.

Messi was eliminated from the Champions League again in 2018, although Messi reached the milestone of representing Barcelona for 600 times in La Liga that season. It also helped Spanish giants Barcelona win the La Liga title that season, but the Champions League was frustrated again and the quarter-finals met Rome. At that time, I beat Rome 4-1 at home in the first leg. I thought that the promotion of the Champions League was in sight, but I had no choice but to meet Rome, which was as fierce as a tiger at home and lost 0-3 away. In the case of a total score of 4-4, it was eliminated because there were fewer away goals.

In 2019, Messi was once again eliminated from the Champions League. In the early stage of that season, because Iniesta left the team, Messi officially became the captain of Barcelona. Under the leadership of the ball king, Barcelona won the La Liga and the Western Super Cup that season. In the Champions League, I met the Premier League giants Liverpool in the semi-final, and won the opponent 3-0 at home in the first leg very smoothly. I thought that promotion was in sight. I had no choice but to visit Anfield Stadium in the second round, and was defeated by my opponent 4-0, and the total score was eliminated by my opponent 3-4.

Messi was tragically eliminated in the Champions League in 2020. Messi made 700 appearances and scored 700 goals for Barcelona in the Champions League group match against Dortmund that season, and surpassed his old rival Cristiano Ronaldo in that season to become the player who scored the most hat tricks in La Liga. In the Champions League, Messi led Barcelona to meet Bayern, the Bundesliga overlord, in the quarter-finals, which also became the lingering shadow of Messi’s career, and he was defeated by 2-8.

Messi in 2021 is the last season of playing for Barcelona, and the Champions League still cannot escape the fate of being eliminated. In the early stage of that season, because of the numerous contradictions with the top management of the club, I once sent out a request to leave the team, but the penalty was too high and I could only stay in the team. Messi helped Barcelona win the King’s Cup that season, but in the Champions League, he met Paris. In the top 16 stage, Barcelona suffered a 1-4 home defeat at the foot of Greater Paris, and the second round drew 1-1, with a total score of 2-5.

In 2022, Messi joined the new team, Greater Paris, but once again failed in the Champions League. That season, Messi surpassed Pele, and the number of goals scored in professional matches reached a higher level. In his first season in Greater Paris, he won the Ligue 1 championship and completed the milestone of the club’s 800 appearances. In the Champions League, I met my old rival Real Madrid in the top 16 stage. In the case of winning 1-0 at home in the first leg, I was beaten by my opponent 1-3 away in the second leg, and the total score was 2-3 out.

In 2023, Messi won the championship in FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 the year before, and was crowned the World Footballer of the Year in 2022. The Champions League has always been an insurmountable hurdle. Perhaps things are always forewarned. In the last round of the group match, Benfica was overtaken by Benfica, who could hardly win the first place in the group, and changed from the first place in the group to the second place, and met Bayern, the Bundesliga overlord, in advance. The first round was 0-1 at home, and the second round was 0-2 away, with a total score of 0-3.

China Supercomputer Force Virus Mutation Prediction, among the top 500 supercomputers in the world, there are 219 in China.

China is making use of the innovation potential of the Internet, big data and artificial intelligence, and will become a superpower in the field of innovation, and has made some outstanding achievements. China hopes to be a world leader in the field of artificial intelligence by 2030, and hopes to become a "major artificial intelligence innovation center in the world".

For example, according to the China Internet Development Report 2019, the independent innovation capability of network information technology in China has been continuously enhanced, and the prototype model of a new generation of billions of supercomputers has been developed. Before that, six supercomputers in China have been combined, and the world’s first national supercomputing Internet was born. In addition, using artificial intelligence, space supercomputers will be built in the future.

For another example, now, China people have mastered the world’s top super technologies, such as high-speed rail, large aircraft, aircraft carrier, exploitation of combustible ice, development technology of rare earth super heavy oil in oil, discovery of dry-hot rock mass, quantum remote communication and space technology.

China’s economy is moving from tradition to emerging.

For example, China’s "New Generation Artificial Intelligence Development Plan" has drawn a grand route to build a $150 billion artificial intelligence industry by 2030. Moreover, some giant companies in China are also guiding billions of dollars to invest in domestic basic scientific research or acquire innovative technologies from abroad, and China’s innovative ability in the field of supercomputing has also been widely concerned and praised by the international industry.

According to the latest issue of the list of the top 500 supercomputers in the world released by the 34th International Supercomputing Conference, as of June 2019, the number of supercomputers in China continued to rank first, reaching 219, while the United States and Japan ranked second (116) and third (29), followed by France (18), Germany (16) and the Netherlands (15). All other countries are expressed in single digits. As the most authoritative supercomputer list in the world, TOP500 is jointly compiled by computer experts from the United States and Germany and published every six months. The number of supercomputers in China has surpassed that in the United States since 2016, and it has been leading ever since.

Up to now, six national supercomputing centers have been built in China, including Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Wuxi, Tianjin, Jinan and Changsha. At present, six supercomputing brains in China have been combined, and the world’s first supercomputing artifact, the supercomputing Internet, has been illuminated to form a "super team" to enhance the core competitiveness of China’s supercomputing field.

Twenty years ago, there was not a single machine in China among the top 500 supercomputers in the world, which also means that supercomputing has become a national heavyweight and the focus of competition among countries, because supercomputing can meet the huge computing needs in scientific research, geological exploration, weather forecast, computational simulation, biopharmaceuticals, gene sequencing, aerospace, image processing and other fields.

For example, at present, the virus is ravaging some cities in China. At this time, scientific research experts need a lot of computing resources to screen drugs against novel coronavirus and predict the mutation of the virus. According to media reports, at present, some supercomputing centers in China are making efforts to help China CDC develop novel coronavirus vaccine, and researchers are using the supercomputing center in China to carry out research work such as target search, new drug screening, lead and test optimization, pharmacology and toxicology.

In fact, in the current global economic environment, manufacturing and mastering the most powerful supercomputers is considered as one of the important standards to measure a country’s scientific and technological strength, because countries and enterprises increasingly need to widely use supercomputers in many fields, such as machinery, new materials, biological environment and energy technology.

According to the analysis of Jeremy Rifkin, the author of the Third Industrial Revolution, the new global economic wave is a new consumption economy driven by new technologies, and it is necessary to achieve a breakthrough in economic growth through economic changes driven by new energy, new technologies, new communications and new transportation and logistics technologies. Rifkin believes that in this wave, China has taken the lead in the field of innovative science and technology economy. (End)

2 goals in a single game! The 31-year-old Yatai earth cannon incarnates the new Tan Long, and the older it gets, the stronger it gets!

As we all know, football is a very physical competitive sport, so it requires high physical conditions for players. So this sport has basically become a young player’s sport, because football players will basically have a decline in their ability as long as they are over 30 years old, so they will start to stay away from the pitch step by step.

However, there are some players who are different from most people. They are against the trend of growth. They were average when they were young, but suddenly broke out around the age of 30, becoming the main force of the team and even entering the national team. For example, a typical example is the striker Valdi of the Premier League leicester city team. Before the age of 30, he was still playing in the low-level league, and he was unknown. By the age of 30, he became a big killer of the Super League and entered the English national team. It is also considered as a representative of being a late bloomer.

There are also such players in our football in China. A typical example is Tan Long of Changchun Yatai Team. Tan Long spent most of his career in the United States. He was the first China player in the Major League of America. However, no matter how he played in the United States, he never got the call-up of the national football team. So he returned to the Super League in the 2014 season, that is, when he was 25 years old, and joined the Super League team Harbin Yiteng. However, in Yi Teng’s team, Tan Long’s performance was just so-so, playing 7 games and starting 4 games for the team, with no goals and assists. So he soon returned to America.

Finally, in the 2017 season, Tan Long returned to China again and joined the Changchun Yatai team, and this time he succeeded. He became the main striker of Yatai team through his own efforts. He played 29 games for the team this season, including 22 starts, 8 goals and 6 assists. Thanks to his outstanding performance in the league, Tan Long was successfully selected for the national team at the age of 29, and represented the national football team in the China Cup.

Moreover, Tan Long later fell into the Chinese League with Yatai, and then helped Yatai return to the Super League, and he also won the golden boots of the Chinese League. It can be said that Tan Long is more and more demon, and the more he plays, the more reliable he is. And now Tan Long will be 35 years old, but he is still the best choice for the position of national football center. No one is more reliable than Zhang Yuning.

Recently, what is surprising is that in Changchun Yatai team, we saw the appearance of another Tan Long. This new Tan Long is Yatai’s 31-year-old native gun Cheng Changcheng. On the evening of 10th, Changchun Yatai team played a warm-up match with Wuhan Sanzhen team, the defending champion of Chinese Super League. As a result, Changchun Yatai team’s all-China squad defeated the opponent’s double foreign aid squad 3-1. Among them, Cheng Changcheng was the best performer, who scored twice in the competition and directed the victory directly.

It is worth noting that Cheng Changcheng was produced by Changchun Yatai Youth Training, and he has been a substitute for Yatai team for more than ten seasons. Before the 2022 season, he rarely played in the league and was basically a substitute for foreign aid. The places where he can show his ability are the reserve league and the pre-season warm-up match. And Cheng Changcheng has also won the silver boots in the reserve league, and in the annual pre-season warm-up matches, he has outstanding performance, always scoring twice or scoring a hat trick in the game, and even staged a big four-happiness, which is more popular than foreign aid. But once in the league, he can’t play.

However, last season, because Yatai’s striker was really out of form, Cheng Changcheng finally got the chance. He played 10 games for the team, including 6 starts, and scored 3 goals. It is worth noting that Cheng Changcheng scored his first league goal in his career this season. After the goal, he was also in tears, excited and bitter, and there were mixed feelings at that moment.

And just before the team assembled, Cheng Changcheng and Tan Long also took the initiative to practice, and invited the champion of the 400-meter hurdles in the National Games to help them train. This is why he can perform well in the warm-up match. Where there is a will, there is a way. We are also looking forward to Cheng Changcheng’s performance in the new season. Maybe he is the new Tan Long of Yatai.

Besides Cheng Changcheng, do you know any other players who are late bloomers in the Super League? Welcome friends to discuss together in the comment area!

What will be wonderful when the AI chat robot meets the meta-universe?

Please write a paper about the metauniverse with me.
In today’s society, with the development of science and technology and the popularity of the Internet, people’s demand for virtual worlds is growing. As a concept of virtual world, metauniverse has attracted extensive attention and research. Metauniverse is a virtual space that integrates various virtual reality technologies and applications. It allows users to carry out various activities in it, such as socializing, games, education, business and so on. Different from traditional virtual reality, Metauniverse is an open and sustainable virtual world, which can accommodate countless users and applications, and can realize cross-platform and cross-device interconnection. The application prospect of metauniverse is very broad. Socially, it allows users to meet new friends and share life and experience in the virtual world. In terms of games, it can provide a more realistic game experience and let players immerse themselves in it; In education, it can provide a more vivid and intuitive learning experience, so that students can better understand knowledge; In business, it can provide enterprises with brand-new marketing channels and business models and bring more business opportunities. However, the development of the metauniverse also faces some challenges. First of all, technical limitations may affect its development speed and application scope; Secondly, the security and privacy issues in the virtual world need to be fully valued and guaranteed;
Thirdly, the connection and coordination between the virtual world and the real world need to be further improved and optimized. Generally speaking, the metauniverse is a virtual world with great potential, which will bring us more opportunities and challenges. We need to constantly promote technological innovation and application exploration in order to better realize the development and application of the meta-universe.
What will human be like when the metauniverse is realized in the future?
If the meta-universe is truly realized, then human life will undergo great changes, and we will enter a brand-new virtual world and blend with the real world. First of all, the metauniverse will become an important part of people’s lives. In the meta-universe, people can do all kinds of activities, such as socializing, games, education, business and so on. People can establish their own virtual identities and social networks, and interact and communicate with other users. At the same time, the metauniverse will also become an important place for people to study and work, providing people with more flexible and diverse ways of studying and working. Secondly, the metauniverse will change people’s perception and cognition. In the meta-universe, people can experience more vivid and intuitive virtual reality, which will have a far-reaching impact on people’s perception and cognition. People can explore the unknown through the meta-universe, expand their cognitive boundaries and further expand their thinking and imagination. Finally, the metauniverse will bring more opportunities and challenges to people. In the metauniverse, people can create their own virtual worlds and applications to provide services and value for other users. At the same time, the metauniverse will also face some challenges, such as technical restrictions, security and privacy issues, which require us to constantly promote technological innovation and application exploration in order to better realize the development and application of the metauniverse. Generally speaking, the metauniverse will bring great changes and opportunities to mankind, and we need to explore and innovate constantly in order to better adapt to the arrival of this new era.
Which industry do you think is more likely to be the first to enter the meta-universe project?
At present, the game industry is more likely to take the lead in entering the meta-universe project. Because the game industry has accumulated rich experience and technology in virtual reality and augmented reality technology, and the game itself is a virtual world, which can provide a good foundation and support for the development of the meta-universe. In addition, the game industry is also a very open and innovative industry with strong technical strength and innovative ability. Many game companies have begun to explore the application of metauniverse, such as Epic Games’ "Unreal Engine" engine and Roblox’s virtual world platform, etc. These companies have the conditions and capabilities to enter the metauniverse project. Of course, in addition to the game industry, other industries may also take the lead in entering metacosmic projects, such as social media, education, medical care and finance. However, no matter which industry, it is necessary to fully consider the issues of technology, security, privacy and so on, in order to better realize the development and application of the meta-universe.
Can you imagine what the meta-universe class mode in the education industry will be like?
When the education industry enters the meta-universe, we can imagine a brand-new class mode. In the meta-universe, students and teachers can interact through virtual reality technology to create a more realistic and intuitive learning environment. First of all, students can create their own virtual identities in the metauniverse and interact and communicate with other students and teachers. They can have classes in the virtual classroom, have face-to-face communication and interaction with teachers, or participate in virtual lectures, seminars and other activities. Secondly, the learning environment in the metauniverse can be customized according to different disciplines and courses. For example, when studying history courses, students can enter a virtual historical scene, such as ancient Roman cities and Egyptian pyramids, to experience historical culture and events; When studying science courses, students can enter a virtual laboratory and conduct various experimental operations and observations. Finally, the learning content in the metauniverse can be more diversified and personalized. Students can simulate practice and experience through virtual reality technology, so as to better understand and master knowledge; At the same time, teachers can also provide students with more personalized learning content and support according to their interests and needs. Generally speaking, the entry of the education industry into the meta-universe will bring more open, innovative and diversified learning methods and experiences to students and teachers, which will have a far-reaching impact on the future development of education.
Do you think the metauniverse can really be realized? When will mankind enter the real metacosmic era?
Metauniverse is a very advanced and complex virtual world, which needs to be realized based on advanced technology and equipment. At present, technologies such as virtual reality, augmented reality, blockchain and artificial intelligence have been constantly developing and innovating, which provides a good technical foundation and support for the realization of the meta-universe. However, the realization of metauniverse still needs to overcome some problems in technology, security and privacy. For example, how to protect users’ privacy and data security, how to avoid virtual reality dizziness and other issues, all of which need technical and legal support and solutions. At present, many companies and organizations have begun to explore the application of metauniverse, such as Horizon Workrooms of Facebook and Unreal Engine of Epic Games, and these projects have made some progress. It is predicted that in the next few years, the metauniverse will gradually become an important technical and commercial field, and mankind will gradually enter the real metauniverse era. Generally speaking, the realization of the meta-universe needs support and efforts in many aspects, but with the continuous development and innovation of technology, we believe that the realization of the meta-universe is possible and will bring more open, innovative and diversified virtual worlds to mankind.
What role do you think the development of AI will play in realizing the metacosmic era?
AI is one of the key technologies to realize the meta-universe, which plays a very important role in realizing the meta-universe era.
The following are the specific functions of several aspects:
1. Intelligent interaction: AI technology can provide users in the metauniverse with more intelligent and natural interaction methods. For example, technologies such as speech recognition and natural language processing can make users interact with the metauniverse more conveniently.
2. Intelligent management: AI technology can provide more intelligent and automatic management methods for managers in the metauniverse, such as automatic security monitoring and virtual economy management, which can greatly improve the management efficiency and security of the metauniverse.
3. Intelligent content generation: AI technology can provide more intelligent and automatic content generation methods for content creators in the metauniverse, such as automatically generating virtual scenes and virtual characters, which can greatly improve the efficiency and quality of content output in the metauniverse.
4. Intelligent recommendation: AI technology can recommend more personalized content and services to users according to their interests and behavior habits, thus improving users’ satisfaction and experience.
Generally speaking, AI technology will play a very important role in the realization of the meta-universe, which can provide more intelligent, natural and personalized services and experiences for the meta-universe, thus greatly improving the value and attractiveness of the meta-universe.
Can AI make virtual people produce real human-like wisdom?
Although the current AI technology is very advanced, it still cannot fully simulate the wisdom of the human brain, especially in terms of emotion, creativity and intuition. However, with the continuous development and innovation of AI technology, it is possible to realize that virtual people can generate wisdom similar to human brain in the future. At present, some researchers are exploring the use of deep learning, neural networks and other technologies to simulate the wisdom of the human brain. For example, using deep learning technology can make virtual people learn and adapt to the environment automatically, and using neural network technology can make virtual people make complex decisions and reasoning.
At the same time, some researchers are exploring ways to combine human brain with computer, such as transforming human brain signals into computer instructions through brain-computer interface technology, so as to realize more natural and efficient interaction and control. Generally speaking, although the current AI technology can’t fully simulate the wisdom of the human brain, with the continuous development and innovation of technology, we believe that it is possible to realize the virtual human to generate wisdom similar to the human brain in the future.
Do you think AI will accelerate the evolution of the human brain?
The development of AI technology can indeed have an impact on human evolution, but whether it will accelerate the evolution of the human brain needs more research and discussion. On the one hand, AI technology can provide more intelligent and efficient tools and services for human beings, thus making human beings perform better in various fields. For example, in the fields of medical care, education, finance, etc., AI technology has been widely used, which can help human beings better understand and deal with various problems, thus promoting the development and progress of human society. On the other hand, AI technology may also have a negative impact on human evolution. For example, over-reliance on AI technology may weaken human intelligence and creativity, and may even cause human beings to lose their ability to adapt to the natural environment.
In addition, the continuous development of AI technology may also cause some moral and ethical problems, which require us to deal with them more cautiously. Therefore, while making full use of AI technology, we should be vigilant and actively explore how to realize human evolution and development with the help of AI technology.
Your answer is very wise and logical, thank you!
You’re welcome. I will try my best to provide you with accurate and useful information and help. Please feel free to let me know if you have any other questions or need help.

Short video intelligent marketing customer acquisition system

Short video intelligent marketing customer acquisition system is a marketing tool based on short video platform, which can help enterprises improve the exposure of short videos, attract potential customers and improve brand awareness through intelligent marketing means. Different from the traditional short video marketing tools, the short video intelligent marketing customer acquisition system is more intelligent and automated, which can locate the audience more accurately and obtain higher conversion rate.

Short video intelligent marketing customer acquisition system

Short video intelligent marketing customer acquisition system usually has the following characteristics:

Intelligent target audience positioningThe short video intelligent marketing customer acquisition system can deeply analyze and locate the audience through artificial intelligence and big data technology, so as to push marketing content and advertisements more accurately.

Efficient marketing strategyThe short video intelligent marketing customer acquisition system can customize marketing strategies according to different audience needs and interests, and improve the exposure and conversion rate of short videos.

Automated data analysis and optimizationThe short video intelligent marketing customer acquisition system can automatically collect and analyze data and optimize it according to the data, thus improving the effect and conversion rate of short video.

Multiple forms of advertising supportThe short video intelligent marketing customer acquisition system supports a variety of advertising forms, such as pre-patch advertising, screen advertising, native advertising, etc., so that enterprises can choose marketing methods more flexibly.

Generally speaking, the short video intelligent marketing customer acquisition system is a very valuable short video marketing tool, which can help enterprises make better use of short video platforms, improve the exposure and conversion rate of short videos, and thus achieve better marketing effects and ROI. If you need this kind of service, it is recommended to consult a professional marketing company or software development company to get a more accurate customized plan and quotation.

Antonio Conte casts doubt on Spurs future as Champions League woes go on

Antonio Conte’s dismal record in the Champions League continued as his Tottenham Hotspur side exited the competition in the last 16 after a dreary 0-0 draw at home to AC Milan on Wednesday.

Tottenham never really threatened to overturn a 1-0 deficit from the first leg and went out with a whimper and boos from the home fans whose patience is running out.

Conte returned to the technical area after missing the last four games following gallbladder surgery but was as subdued as his team on a freezing night in north London.