Wanda sells underwear for a limited time, and her ex-husband icardi likes it. The netizen left a message: Get remarried soon.

On March 12th, Beijing time, Argentine beauty Wanda Nora publicly sold her underwear series on her social platform again, and the activity was limited. Just a few seconds after posting, her ex-husband icardi immediately praised her. The two people have been on and off for more than half a year.Most of netizens’ messages have nothing to do with buying underwear, but let them remarry as soon as possible.

Last November, Argentine social media guru Wanda divorced former international icardi. As it was during the World Cup, no one paid attention to their news. However, their divorce story is just like a TV series, episode after episode, season after season, and it never stops. A week ago, some media broke the news and the two lived together again. Icardi publicly stated that the two had made up, but Wanda did not give a clear statement.

Today, Wanda suddenly launched a message, saying that in recent days, fans can buy Wanda intimate series underwear. The year before last, she published the content of selling swimwear twice, but she was banned by social media. But now, a social media has competitors, and they don’t want to lose Wanda. Wanda’s number of fans is 16 million, ranking high in the WAG of all European players, only less than Georgina and others.

Marca said Wanda has a group of loyal fans, including icardi.After learning the news of its underwear products, Argentine striker Guangsu praised and forwarded it.This shows the unusual relationship between the two. And a few months ago, they just divorced. It is reported that Wanda has returned to Argentina at this time, and icardi has returned to Turkey to wait for the opening of the league. However, the two have a feeling that they are divorced and do not share a room.

It is reported that icardi’s income is very high, but most of it needs to be delivered to Wanda. Actually, Wanda doesn’t need the money. She has her own company. This underwear is the product of its company. And these companies, 100% belong to Wanda personally, and have nothing to do with icardi. The swimsuit series launched before is expensive. However, due to the huge number of fans, Wanda Underwear Company has numerous orders.

Wanda’s fans have expressed that they should get back together with icardi. The two separated for a while, but they soon made up. Turkish media have reported that icardi spent a lot of money to coax Wanda, including buying a limited amount of bags. And this brand is Wanda’s favorite series.

At the same time, many media predicted that icardi, who rented Galatasaray this season, is likely to go to Serie A again. His next home may be Inter Milan, or the team in Rome or other teams. One of the reasons is that Wanda’s future focus will shift to Italy. Wanda has her own company in Italy and often appears on TV programs. At the same time, icardi had two properties and a farm in Milan before.

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91 minutes to kill, 1-0! The national football team worked hard to create a miracle, advanced to the World Youth Championship, and celebrated like winning the championship.

Uzbekistan’s U20 Asian Cup has entered the quarter-finals, and the first match was between the Iranian men’s soccer team and the Iraqi men’s soccer team. In the end, relying on the goal in the 91st minute of the second half, Iraq eliminated Iran 1-0, becoming the first team to advance to the semi-finals, and at the same time locked in the qualification for the World Youth Championship. China’s men’s soccer team will play in the quarter-finals on the next match day, and the winner can also advance to the World Youth Championship against the Korean men’s soccer team.

In the history of the Asian Youth Championship, Iraq participated in a total of 17 competitions and won the championship five times in total. The last time was in 2000, and Iran also won the cup four times, but the winning experience was in the last century.

In the group stage, Iran scored 6 points with 2 wins and 1 loss. Finally, compared with Australia and Vietnam, the goal difference was superior to each other, and it won the first place in the group. Iraq scored 4 points with 1 win, 1 draw and 1 loss, which forced Indonesia to lock in the second place because of the winning or losing relationship. According to the regulations of AFC, the top four teams in this tournament have advanced to the 2023 World Youth Championship, so whoever wins this game will be locked in the ticket for the World Youth Championship.

This is a close confrontation. The national team and the youth team of Iran and Iraq are in fierce confrontation. Now, the Asian Youth Championship is contested. The two teams did not rewrite the score in the first 90 minutes, and the scene is almost 50-50.

In the 91st minute, Ali Jassim broke into the restricted area with the ball and scored a goal from the far corner with a low shot, helping the Iraqi team to complete the lore 1-0. After the goal was scored, the players thumped and celebrated wildly, and then they roared to the sky and were very excited. After the game, the whole team celebrated like winning the championship.

The contest between China and South Korea will start at 18 o’clock tomorrow night, and the winner can also advance to the finals of the 2023 World Youth Championship.

According to statistics, the two teams have played against each other 18 times in history. The men’s soccer team in China has scored 3 wins, 2 draws and 13 losses, which is obviously at a disadvantage. At the same time, in the last 8 games, it has not won, and it has not won the Korean men’s soccer team for 18 consecutive years. In addition, compared with China’s men’s soccer team, the Korean men’s soccer team won the cup 12 times, which is the most successful team in the history of Asian Youth Championship, so it is very difficult to win by surprise.

Nevertheless, China men’s soccer players are not afraid of this opponent. It is reported that after the successful team of China Men’s Football Team qualified, they celebrated with the fans at the scene. The fans shouted loudly in the stands: "The next game is going to play South Korea", and some players responded: "Kill South Korea! We are going to the World Youth Championship! "

It is certainly a good thing to have confidence, which gives fans more expectation. The last time China men’s soccer team participated in the World Youth Championship was in 2005, and it has been 18 years since now.

What will be wonderful when the AI chat robot meets the meta-universe?

Please write a paper about the metauniverse with me.
In today’s society, with the development of science and technology and the popularity of the Internet, people’s demand for virtual worlds is growing. As a concept of virtual world, metauniverse has attracted extensive attention and research. Metauniverse is a virtual space that integrates various virtual reality technologies and applications. It allows users to carry out various activities in it, such as socializing, games, education, business and so on. Different from traditional virtual reality, Metauniverse is an open and sustainable virtual world, which can accommodate countless users and applications, and can realize cross-platform and cross-device interconnection. The application prospect of metauniverse is very broad. Socially, it allows users to meet new friends and share life and experience in the virtual world. In terms of games, it can provide a more realistic game experience and let players immerse themselves in it; In education, it can provide a more vivid and intuitive learning experience, so that students can better understand knowledge; In business, it can provide enterprises with brand-new marketing channels and business models and bring more business opportunities. However, the development of the metauniverse also faces some challenges. First of all, technical limitations may affect its development speed and application scope; Secondly, the security and privacy issues in the virtual world need to be fully valued and guaranteed;
Thirdly, the connection and coordination between the virtual world and the real world need to be further improved and optimized. Generally speaking, the metauniverse is a virtual world with great potential, which will bring us more opportunities and challenges. We need to constantly promote technological innovation and application exploration in order to better realize the development and application of the meta-universe.
What will human be like when the metauniverse is realized in the future?
If the meta-universe is truly realized, then human life will undergo great changes, and we will enter a brand-new virtual world and blend with the real world. First of all, the metauniverse will become an important part of people’s lives. In the meta-universe, people can do all kinds of activities, such as socializing, games, education, business and so on. People can establish their own virtual identities and social networks, and interact and communicate with other users. At the same time, the metauniverse will also become an important place for people to study and work, providing people with more flexible and diverse ways of studying and working. Secondly, the metauniverse will change people’s perception and cognition. In the meta-universe, people can experience more vivid and intuitive virtual reality, which will have a far-reaching impact on people’s perception and cognition. People can explore the unknown through the meta-universe, expand their cognitive boundaries and further expand their thinking and imagination. Finally, the metauniverse will bring more opportunities and challenges to people. In the metauniverse, people can create their own virtual worlds and applications to provide services and value for other users. At the same time, the metauniverse will also face some challenges, such as technical restrictions, security and privacy issues, which require us to constantly promote technological innovation and application exploration in order to better realize the development and application of the metauniverse. Generally speaking, the metauniverse will bring great changes and opportunities to mankind, and we need to explore and innovate constantly in order to better adapt to the arrival of this new era.
Which industry do you think is more likely to be the first to enter the meta-universe project?
At present, the game industry is more likely to take the lead in entering the meta-universe project. Because the game industry has accumulated rich experience and technology in virtual reality and augmented reality technology, and the game itself is a virtual world, which can provide a good foundation and support for the development of the meta-universe. In addition, the game industry is also a very open and innovative industry with strong technical strength and innovative ability. Many game companies have begun to explore the application of metauniverse, such as Epic Games’ "Unreal Engine" engine and Roblox’s virtual world platform, etc. These companies have the conditions and capabilities to enter the metauniverse project. Of course, in addition to the game industry, other industries may also take the lead in entering metacosmic projects, such as social media, education, medical care and finance. However, no matter which industry, it is necessary to fully consider the issues of technology, security, privacy and so on, in order to better realize the development and application of the meta-universe.
Can you imagine what the meta-universe class mode in the education industry will be like?
When the education industry enters the meta-universe, we can imagine a brand-new class mode. In the meta-universe, students and teachers can interact through virtual reality technology to create a more realistic and intuitive learning environment. First of all, students can create their own virtual identities in the metauniverse and interact and communicate with other students and teachers. They can have classes in the virtual classroom, have face-to-face communication and interaction with teachers, or participate in virtual lectures, seminars and other activities. Secondly, the learning environment in the metauniverse can be customized according to different disciplines and courses. For example, when studying history courses, students can enter a virtual historical scene, such as ancient Roman cities and Egyptian pyramids, to experience historical culture and events; When studying science courses, students can enter a virtual laboratory and conduct various experimental operations and observations. Finally, the learning content in the metauniverse can be more diversified and personalized. Students can simulate practice and experience through virtual reality technology, so as to better understand and master knowledge; At the same time, teachers can also provide students with more personalized learning content and support according to their interests and needs. Generally speaking, the entry of the education industry into the meta-universe will bring more open, innovative and diversified learning methods and experiences to students and teachers, which will have a far-reaching impact on the future development of education.
Do you think the metauniverse can really be realized? When will mankind enter the real metacosmic era?
Metauniverse is a very advanced and complex virtual world, which needs to be realized based on advanced technology and equipment. At present, technologies such as virtual reality, augmented reality, blockchain and artificial intelligence have been constantly developing and innovating, which provides a good technical foundation and support for the realization of the meta-universe. However, the realization of metauniverse still needs to overcome some problems in technology, security and privacy. For example, how to protect users’ privacy and data security, how to avoid virtual reality dizziness and other issues, all of which need technical and legal support and solutions. At present, many companies and organizations have begun to explore the application of metauniverse, such as Horizon Workrooms of Facebook and Unreal Engine of Epic Games, and these projects have made some progress. It is predicted that in the next few years, the metauniverse will gradually become an important technical and commercial field, and mankind will gradually enter the real metauniverse era. Generally speaking, the realization of the meta-universe needs support and efforts in many aspects, but with the continuous development and innovation of technology, we believe that the realization of the meta-universe is possible and will bring more open, innovative and diversified virtual worlds to mankind.
What role do you think the development of AI will play in realizing the metacosmic era?
AI is one of the key technologies to realize the meta-universe, which plays a very important role in realizing the meta-universe era.
The following are the specific functions of several aspects:
1. Intelligent interaction: AI technology can provide users in the metauniverse with more intelligent and natural interaction methods. For example, technologies such as speech recognition and natural language processing can make users interact with the metauniverse more conveniently.
2. Intelligent management: AI technology can provide more intelligent and automatic management methods for managers in the metauniverse, such as automatic security monitoring and virtual economy management, which can greatly improve the management efficiency and security of the metauniverse.
3. Intelligent content generation: AI technology can provide more intelligent and automatic content generation methods for content creators in the metauniverse, such as automatically generating virtual scenes and virtual characters, which can greatly improve the efficiency and quality of content output in the metauniverse.
4. Intelligent recommendation: AI technology can recommend more personalized content and services to users according to their interests and behavior habits, thus improving users’ satisfaction and experience.
Generally speaking, AI technology will play a very important role in the realization of the meta-universe, which can provide more intelligent, natural and personalized services and experiences for the meta-universe, thus greatly improving the value and attractiveness of the meta-universe.
Can AI make virtual people produce real human-like wisdom?
Although the current AI technology is very advanced, it still cannot fully simulate the wisdom of the human brain, especially in terms of emotion, creativity and intuition. However, with the continuous development and innovation of AI technology, it is possible to realize that virtual people can generate wisdom similar to human brain in the future. At present, some researchers are exploring the use of deep learning, neural networks and other technologies to simulate the wisdom of the human brain. For example, using deep learning technology can make virtual people learn and adapt to the environment automatically, and using neural network technology can make virtual people make complex decisions and reasoning.
At the same time, some researchers are exploring ways to combine human brain with computer, such as transforming human brain signals into computer instructions through brain-computer interface technology, so as to realize more natural and efficient interaction and control. Generally speaking, although the current AI technology can’t fully simulate the wisdom of the human brain, with the continuous development and innovation of technology, we believe that it is possible to realize the virtual human to generate wisdom similar to the human brain in the future.
Do you think AI will accelerate the evolution of the human brain?
The development of AI technology can indeed have an impact on human evolution, but whether it will accelerate the evolution of the human brain needs more research and discussion. On the one hand, AI technology can provide more intelligent and efficient tools and services for human beings, thus making human beings perform better in various fields. For example, in the fields of medical care, education, finance, etc., AI technology has been widely used, which can help human beings better understand and deal with various problems, thus promoting the development and progress of human society. On the other hand, AI technology may also have a negative impact on human evolution. For example, over-reliance on AI technology may weaken human intelligence and creativity, and may even cause human beings to lose their ability to adapt to the natural environment.
In addition, the continuous development of AI technology may also cause some moral and ethical problems, which require us to deal with them more cautiously. Therefore, while making full use of AI technology, we should be vigilant and actively explore how to realize human evolution and development with the help of AI technology.
Your answer is very wise and logical, thank you!
You’re welcome. I will try my best to provide you with accurate and useful information and help. Please feel free to let me know if you have any other questions or need help.

Researchers have developed a new antibacterial peptide finder based on artificial intelligence.

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Antibiotic resistance is an increasingly serious health problem. Antimicrobial peptides (AMP) destroy harmful microorganisms through nonspecific mechanisms, making it difficult for microorganisms to develop drug resistance. Therefore, they are expected to be substitutes for traditional antibacterial drugs.

In this study, researchers from Gwangju Institute of Science and Technology (GIST) in Korea developed an improved AMP classification model called AMP-BERT.

The team proposed a deep learning model with a fine-tuned bidirectional encoder representation from Transformers(BERT) architecture, aiming at extracting structural/functional information from input peptides and identifying each input as AMP or non-AMP. The researchers compared the performance of this model with other models based on machine learning. AMP-BERT produced the best prediction results among all the models evaluated using external data sets selected by researchers.

In addition, researchers use the attention mechanism in BERT to perform interpretable feature analysis and identify specific residues in AMP that are known to contribute to peptide structure and antibacterial function. The results show that AMP-BERT can capture the structural characteristics of peptides used for model learning, so that AMP or non-AMP can be predicted from the input sequence. AMP-BERT is expected to help identify candidate AMPs for functional verification and drug development.

The study is based on "AMP-BERT: Prediction of antimicrobial peptide function based on a BERT modelThe title was published on December 3, 2022 in "Protein Science》。

In the past decades, antibiotic resistance has become a major public health problem in the world. This leads to the search for alternative methods to treat microbial infections.

One of the innovations is the discovery of antibacterial properties of some peptides. Antimicrobial peptide (AMP) is a short peptide found in most animals, plants and microorganisms, which can be used as a natural defense against infection. AMP fights against harmful bacteria through non-specific mechanism and prevents them from producing antibiotic resistance.

Despite these extraordinary abilities, the research on AMP is still hindered because the existing system for identifying candidate AMPs is like a black box, and the output is not easy to interpret for further analysis.

Now, in a breakthrough recently published by protein Science, a group of researchers from Gwangju Institute of Science and Technology, including Professor Hojung Nam and Mr Hansol Lee, put forward an AMP-BERT classification system, which uses AI-based bidirectional encoder representation from Transformers (BERT) architecture to improve the existing AMP classification model.

When asked about the motivation behind the development of the classification system, Professor Nam explained: "The abuse and overuse of antibiotics have led to the emergence of bacteria that cannot be effectively treated by these antibiotics. This not only increases human health risks, but also increases the health risks of agriculture. Therefore, we hope to develop an AMP pre-screening platform, which is not the black box of the algorithm, but can be easily explained for further research. 」

The team integrated a deep neural network based on natural language processing (NLP), which was pre-trained with billions of protein sequences and then fine-tuned with thousands of peptide sequences in the benchmark AMP database. This makes the AMP-BERT model not only extract structural and functional information from the input peptide sequence, but also distinguish AMP from non-AMP. This enhances the prediction ability and enables the model to make better classification even with external data.

The team also designed a model to assign a separate attention score to each amino acid in the input peptide sequence. Then, the attention characteristics reveal the important sub-regions of AMP, which play an important role in determining whether the peptide has antibacterial properties. In addition, the prediction results show that the applicability of AMP-BERT model even extends to invisible peptide data, and it can learn meaningful functional and structural information from these peptides.

The new AMP-BERT peptide pre-screening model can open a new door for discovering and developing AMP-based candidate drugs for the treatment of drug-resistant diseases. The important peptide subregion information provided by the prediction platform can also be used to optimize the antibiotic efficiency of peptides.

Professor Nam concluded: "As more and more AMPs are verified by experiments and new structural information is discovered by computational methods, we will be able to manufacture more effective antibiotic drugs and may prevent new pandemics from spreading around the world in the near future. 」

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Asean Basketball League: Hong Kong Eastern battle into play-offs final, await opponents

Hong Kong Eastern are set to enjoy an extra day off before the Asean Basketball League (ABL) play-offs final tip off on Saturday.

But head coach Zeljko Pavlicevic played down the importance of any extra rest after the 2017 champions came from behind to defeat NS Matrix 76-70 at Nguyen Du Stadium in Ho Chi Minh City on Wednesday night, winning their semi-final series 2-0 against the Malaysian side.

In the other semi-final, Saigon Heat pushed the series to a decider with an 81-79 overtime win against Singapore Slingers, with Eastern’s opponents still yet to be confirmed.

“Yes, we will have one day off, then we will know who we will play and start making preparations like we always do,” veteran coach Pavlicevic said.


“These are experienced players who will be even more motivated under these kinds of situations. I do not want to say this is some kind of advantage.”

Facing a must-win game, NS Matrix – the only tournament debutants to reach the play-offs this season – came out more determined.