How to open and edit RAW images? What are the new features of ON1 Photo RAW 2023?

The ultimate photo editor ON1 Photo RAW 2023. Unlock your creativity without learning curve. Every new function and technology in ON1 Photo RAW 2023 will eliminate the steep learning curve brought by more traditional editing methods. Photographers no longer need to deal with complicated masking, layering, brushing or adjusting methods when dealing with specific areas of photos. The most incredible new editing tool is Super Select AI. It will change the way you edit photos.

Fast RAW processing

  • ON1 Photo RAW is the most advanced original processor, which can provide perfect tone and ultimate image color and clarity, while maintaining the finest details in photos. The new color edge reduction function will automatically detect color edges or color differences and eliminate them. It is equipped with all the tools that photographers need to create amazing images.

Easily combine photos

  • ON1 Photo RAW is like having Lightroom and Photoshop under one roof. It is equipped with the tools needed for synthesis, HDR, hundreds of the hottest preset and built-in filters, and world-class masking tools to make your life easier.

Super selective artificial intelligence

  • Never worry about brushes, layers, masks or any of these. Simply point and click to easily edit areas and objects.

Super featured AI enhancements

  • Since we first showed Super Select AI to the world, it has been significantly improved according to your feedback. In this video, Dan Harlacher shows a number of improvements to Super Select AI, including enhanced fragment collection, improved mask, real-time preset preview and so on.

Nail sharp artificial intelligence

  • The most advanced sharpening and deblurring. It can detect and eliminate motion blur and save out-of-focus photos.

Adaptive preset driven by artificial intelligence

  • AI-driven adaptive presets can adapt to different themes, scenes, animals, people and so on in each photo. You will be amazed at their powerful functions and how they will completely change your workflow.

Click twice to add the preset to the area.

  • Imagine adding an entire preset to a part of our photos with just two clicks. The new Super Select AI tool can add adjustment layers, filters and even entire presets to objects or areas in photos with just a few clicks, without brushing.

Specific area artificial intelligence

  • Automatically locate specific areas in photos by theme type. It first analyzes your photos and builds maps of all areas, such as sky, water, mountains, ground, buildings, people, animals and so on.

View presets instantly

  • Finding the right preset for your image can sometimes be a bit challenging. If you are tired of viewing thumbnails to make editing decisions, there will soon be a new way to view them in full screen on your photos.

Keywords artificial intelligence

  • Wouldn’t it be great if you could find the photo you are looking for without adding keywords? Keyword AI can scan your photos (without uploading them to the cloud) and automatically identify objects, people, colors, places and so on.

Fast mask AI

  • Rebuild the fast masking tool to make it faster and more intuitive. AI automatically divides photos into regions and objects.

Ocudrone sky and enhanced sky exchange AI.

  • We cooperate with Ocudrone, ON1 Photo RAW 2023 will include 125 skies! We also enhanced Sky Swap AI to take advantage of Mask AI technology, adding the option of adjusting the sky angle and better matching the edges.

Content-aware clipping

  • Crop and flatten photos and expand the photo canvas and fill new edges with realistic details.

Reduce color stripes

  • The new automatic option can detect color edges or color differences and automatically remove them.

New camera and lens support

  • We will add all the latest support for new cameras and lenses. (More than 800 cameras are supported, and JPEG, TIF, PSD, PSB, PNG and DNG are also supported.)

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Macy is really behind the times! The Champions League has been eliminated for 8 consecutive years.

Messi is recognized as the new king of soccer, and his achievements have surpassed those of Brazil’s Pele and Argentina’s Diego Maradona. Boxing is afraid of being young, and the ball is also afraid of being young. Is the era of Messi over? Yes, the era of Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo is over. Being knocked out of the Champions League for eight consecutive seasons is proof that Messi is behind the times. In 2015, with the help of the trident of MSN, Suarez, Neymar and Messi, Barcelona won the Champions League, which was also the last time that these three stars won the Champions League. Later, when Messi played for Barcelona in 2016, he was eliminated by Atletico Madrid in the quarter-finals of the Champions League.

In the Champions League in 2017, Messi once again encountered difficulties. Although Barcelona led by Messi was smooth in the group stage, he also surpassed Raul in that season and became the player with the most goals in the Champions League group stage. However, in the knockout stage of the Champions League, I met a real enemy. In the quarter-finals, I met Juventus, the Italian giants at that time. In the first leg, I suffered a 0-3 defeat away from home and returned to the home to draw 0-0, with a total score of 0-3.

Messi was eliminated from the Champions League again in 2018, although Messi reached the milestone of representing Barcelona for 600 times in La Liga that season. It also helped Spanish giants Barcelona win the La Liga title that season, but the Champions League was frustrated again and the quarter-finals met Rome. At that time, I beat Rome 4-1 at home in the first leg. I thought that the promotion of the Champions League was in sight, but I had no choice but to meet Rome, which was as fierce as a tiger at home and lost 0-3 away. In the case of a total score of 4-4, it was eliminated because there were fewer away goals.

In 2019, Messi was once again eliminated from the Champions League. In the early stage of that season, because Iniesta left the team, Messi officially became the captain of Barcelona. Under the leadership of the ball king, Barcelona won the La Liga and the Western Super Cup that season. In the Champions League, I met the Premier League giants Liverpool in the semi-final, and won the opponent 3-0 at home in the first leg very smoothly. I thought that promotion was in sight. I had no choice but to visit Anfield Stadium in the second round, and was defeated by my opponent 4-0, and the total score was eliminated by my opponent 3-4.

Messi was tragically eliminated in the Champions League in 2020. Messi made 700 appearances and scored 700 goals for Barcelona in the Champions League group match against Dortmund that season, and surpassed his old rival Cristiano Ronaldo in that season to become the player who scored the most hat tricks in La Liga. In the Champions League, Messi led Barcelona to meet Bayern, the Bundesliga overlord, in the quarter-finals, which also became the lingering shadow of Messi’s career, and he was defeated by 2-8.

Messi in 2021 is the last season of playing for Barcelona, and the Champions League still cannot escape the fate of being eliminated. In the early stage of that season, because of the numerous contradictions with the top management of the club, I once sent out a request to leave the team, but the penalty was too high and I could only stay in the team. Messi helped Barcelona win the King’s Cup that season, but in the Champions League, he met Paris. In the top 16 stage, Barcelona suffered a 1-4 home defeat at the foot of Greater Paris, and the second round drew 1-1, with a total score of 2-5.

In 2022, Messi joined the new team, Greater Paris, but once again failed in the Champions League. That season, Messi surpassed Pele, and the number of goals scored in professional matches reached a higher level. In his first season in Greater Paris, he won the Ligue 1 championship and completed the milestone of the club’s 800 appearances. In the Champions League, I met my old rival Real Madrid in the top 16 stage. In the case of winning 1-0 at home in the first leg, I was beaten by my opponent 1-3 away in the second leg, and the total score was 2-3 out.

In 2023, Messi won the championship in FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 the year before, and was crowned the World Footballer of the Year in 2022. The Champions League has always been an insurmountable hurdle. Perhaps things are always forewarned. In the last round of the group match, Benfica was overtaken by Benfica, who could hardly win the first place in the group, and changed from the first place in the group to the second place, and met Bayern, the Bundesliga overlord, in advance. The first round was 0-1 at home, and the second round was 0-2 away, with a total score of 0-3.

Wang Xing contributed money to support the Xiapu brothers’ entrepreneurship, and once borrowed money to invest in their ideals. How big is the investment empire?

Wang Xing, the founder of Meituan, plans to vote for another brother.

On March 8, Wang Xing released a circle of friends and revealed that individuals will participate in the A-round investment of Wang Huiwen’s startup company "light years away" and serve as directors.

Wang Huiwen and Wang Xing were bunk school classmates when they were studying in Tsinghua University. Together, they founded the intranet and Meituan, and Wang Huiwen officially retired from Meituan at the end of 2020. Since then, the venture capital circle and the technology circle have been paying attention to when Wang Huiwen will come back to start a business. Until ChatGPT detonated AI, Wang Huiwen finally found a new direction.

In February this year, Wang Huiwen announced the establishment of Beijing Lightyear Beyond Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Lightyear Beyond"), and said on the social platform that "China OpenAI should be built". Regarding the old classmate’s decision, Wang Xing bluntly said, "Lao Wang and I have been on the road to entrepreneurship for nearly 20 years. Since he is determined to embrace this big wave, I must support it."

According to the radar finance, Internet tycoons are used to the road of "innovating and investing", and Wang Xing is no exception. Investment has long been a trump card for him.

From 2014, Meituan began to invest abroad. After Meituan’s comment industry fund was renamed as Dragon Ball Investment in 2017, a "troika" of Meituan’s war investment, Dragon Ball Capital and Wang Xing’s personal investment was formed, and the investment style of Meituan also showed a trend of moving closer from the early consumer category to "hard technology".

"two kings" join hands to start a new business

The entrepreneurial story about the "two kings" of the US Mission is widely circulated in the Internet circle.

As early as 1997, Wang Xing was sent to Tsinghua University from Longyan No.1 Middle School in Fujian, and Wang Huiwen slept in Wang Xing’s lower berth in the dormitory. During his classmates, he forged a deep friendship, and Shine Wong Wen became what Wang Xing called "Lao Wang".

They majored in electronic engineering, that is, hardware, but in their second year of college, they bought a computer together and started playing games. Wang Huiwen once told Wang Xing that the current game is not good enough. It is better to learn programming to play games, and the seeds of entrepreneurship are planted.

After graduating from Tsinghua University, Wang Huiwen was sent to the Chinese Academy of Sciences for postgraduate study, but the idea of starting a business remained. The SARS in 2003 changed the fate of many people. It was also at this time that Wang Xing made a choice, decided to suspend his studies in the United States and return to China to start a business, and joined Wang Huiwen and Lai Binqiang, a middle school classmate.

After the first two entrepreneurial projects died, inspired by Facebook, their intranet (later "Renren") was officially launched at the end of 2005, and it gained millions of users in the following year.

With the rapid growth of the campus network, the team needed money to increase the server and bandwidth. At that time, Sequoia Capital wanted to invest, but because Wang Xing had not figured out how to make a profit on the campus network, Sequoia turned to invest in Zhanzuo.

Later, in 2006, the intranet was acquired by Thousand Oaks Interactive in Chen Yizhou for 2 million dollars, and it was renamed Renren in 2009 and successfully listed in 2011.

After selling the company and successfully cashing out, the "two kings" separated briefly. Wang Huiwen traveled around the world for a year, while Wang Xing set up a Twitter-like Fanfan website in May 2007.

In the first half of 2009, had millions of registered users. However, due to an accident, all servers were forced to shut down. When I returned more than 500 days later, the same type of Weibo rose in China, but the rice declined.

After several entrepreneurial failures, Wang Xing saw the opportunity to buy a track, and was born in March 2010. At that time, the development of Wang Huiwen’s was not satisfactory. In October of that year, at the invitation of Wang Xing, Wang Huiwen officially joined the US delegation, and the "two kings" once again joined hands to start a business.

Wang Huiwen was considered to have played a vital role in the later "Thousand Regiments War" of Meituan, as well as in the important development nodes such as cutting into the take-away business, entering local life and rushing to the beach to get a car, and was dubbed by the media as the "second person" of Meituan after CEO Wang Xing.

In December 2020, Wang Huiwen, who was only 42 years old, wrote a farewell message, "Ten years, I need a rest, and the next decade will be entrusted to my brothers, thank you."

After retirement, from the content published by his personal social platform, Wang Huiwen is concerned about Crypto (cryptocurrency) and web3-related content. The reappearance in the public eye is related to ChatGPT.

On February 10 this year, Wang Huiwen released the "Declaration on Artificial Intelligence" in the circle of friends, saying that "50 million US dollars, with capital to join the group, regardless of post, salary and tittle, seeking a team."

Two days later, he added the details of his AI venture, and set up Beijing Lightyear Technology Co., Ltd., with a capital contribution of 50 million US dollars and a valuation of 200 million US dollars. 75% of the shares were all used to invite top R&D talents, and said that the top VC had subscribed for 230 million US dollars in the next round of financing.

Sky-Eye Survey shows that Beijing Lightyear Beyond Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2018 with a registered capital of 1 million yuan, and Wang Huiwen holds 100% of the shares.

Although there is no lack of voices to pour cold water on, and that $50 million is not enough for several large-scale model trainings, Wang Xing chose to stand on the side of good brothers.

"Lao Wang and I have been on the road to entrepreneurship for nearly 20 years. Since he is determined to embrace this big wave, I must support it. I personally will participate in the A-round investment of Pharaoh’s startup company’ light years away’ and serve as a director. " On the afternoon of March 8, Wang Xing released a circle of friends.

Wang Xing also said that the AI ? ? big model made him both excited about the huge productivity to be created and worried about its future impact on the whole world.

It is understood that apart from Wang Huiwen, there are also Yan Li, a former AI core figure in Aauto Quicker, Zhou Bowen, a former technical director in JD.COM, and Wang Xiaochuan, a former Sogou CEO, who are interested in building China OpenAI.

Wang Xing’s Secret Investment Empire

As an Internet veteran, supporting Wang Huiwen’s entrepreneurship is just the latest example of Wang Xing’s many investment cases.

However, just like investing in light years, most of the projects that Wang Xing personally participated in were innovative when they were founded, and the entrepreneurs themselves were also friends of Wang Xing. Therefore, Wang Xing’s personal investment is often evaluated by the outside world as containing more human feelings.

In July 2014, Wang Xing suddenly invested in the Angel Wheel of Internet brokerage Tiger Securities. At that time, the domestic internet brokers were still in their infancy, and the prospects were not clear. The financial business of Meituan itself had not been fully rolled out, and Wang Xing’s investment once puzzled the outside world.

But in fact, Wu Tianhua, the founder of Tiger Securities, is Wang Xing’s younger brother in Tsinghua. After two people talked on the phone for about an hour, Wang Xing decided to invest in Tiger Securities.

Since then, Wang Xing has invested in projects such as Water Drop Mutual Assistance and mobike. In 2016, Shen Peng, the "No.10 employee" of Meituan, left his job and founded "Water Drop Chip". Before the launch, Water Drop Mutual Assistance received 50 million yuan in financing, among which Meituan Review was an important investor.

In October 2016, mobike completed the C+ round of financing of nearly US$ 100 million. In addition to institutions such as Gaoyou and Sequoia, the investor Wang Xing participated in the investment in his own name. Two years later, Meituan collected mobike for $2.7 billion, then fully accessed Meituan and renamed Meituan Bicycle.

In September 2017, Wang Xing and Wang Huiwen invested in the convenience of unmanned shelves in their own names. Their founder Si Jianghua served as the general manager of the culture and entertainment division of Meituan Store. Later, the former public comment COO and the president of Meituan’s comprehensive business group Lu Guangyu also joined the company.

In the same year, Lai Binqiang, who worked hard with Wang Xing, also left to start a business. When the name of an "online learning" project he did was not announced, he got the seed investment of Wang Xing and Wang Huiwen.

Wang Xing’s biggest bet is the investment in LI. It is reported that when LI was at a loss for financing in 2019, the ideal founder Li wanted to go to Wang Xing.

Wang Xing, who has already done his homework, is optimistic about the potential of electric vehicles and agrees with Li Xiang. "I think many people also underestimate the founder Li Xiang, and he will become a top entrepreneur in China in the future."

To this end, Wang Xing chose to mortgage his shares in Meituan to Goldman Sachs, and borrowed 285 million US dollars, plus 15 million US dollars from Longzhu Capital, a subsidiary of Meituan, and invested a total of 300 million US dollars in the ideal.

After additional investment in the later period, in just one year, Wang Xing and related parties of Meituan have invested more than $1.1 billion in Li Xiang. According to the financial report of Meituan in the third quarter of 2020, the return on investment brought by Meituan’s investment in LI is as high as 5.8 billion yuan.

According to media statistics, in addition to the above cases, Wang Xing’s personal investment projects include e-generation, Qingping Technology, Maibu Technology and flight steward.

The data shows that there are currently 121 affiliated enterprises and 39 foreign-invested enterprises under Wang Xing’s name, of which 34 are still in existence; Through direct or indirect shareholding, Wang Xing has actual control over 90 enterprises.

Meituan investment turns to "hard technology"

Under the internet tradition of "creating the best and investing", Meituan has become a force that cannot be ignored in the venture capital circle.

Statistics show that since 2014, Meituan has made frequent efforts in the investment field, with a total investment of about 100 projects. Only in the early stage, Meituan Zhantou closely followed the local life format and made strategic supplement through investment.

The merger of public comments in 2015 became an important starting point for the expansion of the US Mission. According to the statistics of billion euros, before the merger, Meituan Zhantou only completed six investments, involving five fields, including local life, corporate services and e-commerce.

After the merger, Meituan has invested 38 times in five years, the largest proportion is still local life (catering, beauty industry, wedding), followed by e-commerce, corporate services and tourism.

At present, as an investment institution, Meituan is mainly composed of Dragon Ball Capital, Meituan War Investment and Wang Xing’s personal investment.

Among them, Longzhu Capital was established in February 2017, formerly known as Meituan Review Industry Fund, with Chen Shaohui, senior vice president of Meituan, as CEO, and the funders including Meituan Review, Tencent Investment and New Hope Group.

As an independent investment institution, Longzhu Capital focuses on the field of large consumption, and is known as the "online celebrity Harvester in Investment Circle". The famous projects it has invested in include Xicha, Guming Milk Tea, Mannner Coffee and Happiness Cake.

It is worth noting that in recent years, the investment style of Meituan has quietly changed, expanding from the field of life service to the fields of automobile transportation, intelligent manufacturing and artificial intelligence. Starting from investing in LI, Meituan began to make frequent bets on the smart car industry chain.

In February, 2021, Meituan participated in the Pre-A round of investment of Haomo Zhixing, an autonomous driving company hatched by Great Wall Motor. Subsequently, Meituan also invested in laser radar manufacturer Wo Sai Technology, light boat Zhihang focusing on L4 unmanned minibuses, and self-driving truck enterprise Win Che Technology.

In 2022, Meituan and its related parties laid out projects in the fields of science and technology, such as future robots, Xinwangda EVB, AI vision chip research and development platform Aixin Yuanzhi, and Ling Mingguang, a single-photon sensor chip developer.

Some people in the investment community pointed out that the reversal of Meituan’s investment logic, on the one hand, shows that the growth dividend of Internet users is over, and it is difficult to have exponential growth again; On the other hand, it is also related to the core strategic transformation of Meituan to some extent.

In September 2021, Meituan upgraded its strategy from "Food+ Platform" to "retail+technology", hoping to use advanced technology to open a new breakthrough and seek new development.

This concept is reflected in the investment style. The left hand harvests online celebrity consumer brands, and the right hand grasps the underlying technology in the field of science and technology, which has become the underlying logic of Meituan’s investment in recent years.

Wang Xing once revealed his unique understanding of investment, saying that Sequoia’s investment principle is "betting on the track, not betting on the racers", but he prefers Sun Tzu’s statement that "seeking the situation and not blaming others". Combined with this homeopathic thinking, we may be able to better understand the investment behavior of "Meituan Department".

KPMG announced its ability to access Baidu Wenxin to build an industry-oriented artificial intelligence solution.

On March 10, KPMG announced that it had becomeBaiduWen Xin Yi Yan (English name: ERNIE Bot) is the first batch of ecological partners and the first domestic consulting industry partner. In the future, KPMG will fully experience and access the ability of Wenxin to say a word.

As a leading professional service and consulting service company in China and the world, KPMG has rich application scenarios of industry services. KPMG is planning to apply Baidu’s leading intelligent dialogue technology achievements to various dialogue and content generation business fields in finance, automobile, manufacturing, consumer goods, medicine, education and other industries. This move marks that KPMG has been blessed with leading AI technology, and it also marks that conversational language model technology has begun to provide empowerment for the upgrading of domestic professional services and consulting services.

Wen Xin yi Yan (English name: ERNIE Bot)

Wen Xin Yi Yan (English name: ERNIE Bot) is a generative AI product launched by Baidu based on Wen Xin big model technology. Baidu has been deeply involved in the field of artificial intelligence for more than ten years, and has an industrial-level knowledge-enhanced literary mind model ERNIE, which has the ability of deep semantic understanding and generation across modes and languages, and has a broader imagination in many fields such as search question and answer, content creation and generation, and smart office. In addition, Wenxin Yiyan will be fully connected to Baidu AI Cloud. In the future, enterprises can call Wenxin Yiyan’s service through Baidu AI Cloud, and gradually land in the actual production scene through artificial intelligence products.

This time, KPMG will give priority to the internal test and integrate the technical ability of Wen Xin Yi Yan, and carry out in-depth cooperation with Baidu in product research and development, standard formulation and other fields. With the assistance of Baidu’s technical team, KPMG will create joint solutions, strengthen its competitiveness through technology sharing, training empowerment, joint marketing and other means, and create intelligent solutions and services based on AIGC for enterprise users. At the same time, it will lead the transformation and upgrading of various industries by relying on smart interconnection and innovation interconnection.

KPMG provides end-to-end digital empowerment solutions, paying special attention to the application of innovative technology. The access of Baidu Wenxin’s ability to speak will further enhance the professional service ability to help customers achieve digital upgrading and transformation.

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Interview | Zhou Dong, founder and CEO of Ruihe Cloud Map: Anchoring SASE technology and empowering cloud security 2.0.

Change contains opportunities, and ups and downs will make a good tree. With the continuous penetration of cloud computing, cloud security 1.0 is evolving to cloud security 2.0, and security technologies are also iterating.

According to Zhou Dong, founder and CEO of Ruihe Cloud Map, in the era of cloud security 1.0, after the business goes to the cloud, the whole IT structure system is different from the original, the physical boundary is no longer clear, and the traditional way of stacking security hardware is no longer feasible. Therefore, it is necessary to build a proprietary cloud security system.

In the era of cloud security 2.0, a set of operational security system is established with cloud security technology, and a cloud-based security service platform is provided, so that customers can obtain on demand and charge on demand just like using water and electricity to achieve safe landing.

Zhou Dong, founder and CEO of Ruihe Yuntu

Established in December 2014, Ruihe Cloud Map, its cloud security management platform, cloud security wholly-owned source pool and threat situation awareness as the core cloud security overall solution,Empowering cloud security 2.0 with SASE technology (secure access service edge) solves a series of problems such as unknowable, invisible and unmanageable in cloud security in one stop.And began large-scale commercialization in the fields of operators, governments and central enterprises.

Cloud security is the next big wave.

Looking back on my previous working experience,I studied technology in the first 10 years, engaged in sales in the last 10 years, and delved into the field of cloud security in recent years, which may be the best annotation for Zhou Dong.

As a post-70s student, Zhou Dong passed the pattern recognition and artificial intelligence major in Tsinghua University in his early years. During his college years, he benefited from the style of study, and with a rigorous and persistent attitude, he had deep thoughts on many issues and tended to explore the essence of things.

From an academic point of view, he said that the core of artificial intelligence is to extract the characteristics of things and recognize them. In the early 1990s, artificial neural network technology began to rise, but its application effect was not very satisfactory. With the advent of deep learning algorithms, the market of artificial intelligence gradually opened up.

Zhou Dong, who has personally experienced the Internet wave, is always thinking about what is the big wave after the Internet.Around 2008, he basically determined that "cloud" was a big wave behind him and chose to join a security company.

Adhering to the spirit of seeking truth from facts and never giving up, Zhou Dong will never relax once he looks at one thing, and will always aim at this direction.

In 2012, he realized that he had to keep up with the next wave of "cloud security". After several considerations, he decided to seize the opportunity, conform to the development trend, and began to create the Ruihe cloud map with cloud security as the core technology.

In his view,To be a good security enterprise, we must have our own system and methodology, and find the balance between core value points and customer satisfaction points, so as to truly make cloud security applications land.

Break the fuzzy boundary

Zhou Dong emphasized that the cloud is not a unique technology, but an IT infrastructure.In the future cloud security, the next development system must be based on native and convergence, providing users with the security protection of network layer, data layer and even various applications.

Although the technology of security circle is constantly developing and new technologies emerge one after another, the underlying security logic has not changed. For example, zero trust, data security, trusted computing technology,They have a lot of consistency in essence, and they are all a cryptography system based on identity authentication, authorization and encryption and decryption.Therefore, what is changing is the IT infrastructure and various new business application modes, and what remains unchanged is the underlying security logic and systematic integration protection thought.

What customers pursueThe ultimate goal is to require service providers to provide the security capabilities and package solutions they need.Therefore, for security vendors, it is the shortest way to integrate these technical capabilities into a system and do a good job of comprehensive protection against various network attacks. Therefore, Zhou Dong has adopted SASE-based services, integrating various security capabilities, such as the firewall for border protection, the encryption of identity rights for data security, and so on.

In essence, the customer’s physical environment is an IT system, but on the cloud, the security problem is the same, that is, the boundary is not clear.

The first dimension is the technological boundary.In the cloud system, the core point is to break the boundary ambiguity problem of IT system and re-equip the security service capability defined by software to disappear the boundary;The second dimension is the responsibility boundaryFor cloud service providers, cloud tenants and third-party operation and maintenance service providers, an operational and measurable system is formulated to divide their respective responsibility boundaries.

Starting from these two dimensions, Zhou Dong has built a unique security system of Ruihe Cloud Map.

"Cloud+Network+Security" Integrated Management Platform

Ruihe cloud map is located inTechnical System of "Cloud Security Management Platform+Security Resource Pool +NFV Security Network Element"Regarding the design path behind it, Zhou Dong said that it is not a single security product, but a systematic structure, which needs the integration of cloud, network and security to form a unified management platform.

To build a security resource pool, it is necessary to integrate a large number of complex network technologies, because security has changed the business direction of users, and it is necessary to find out the virtual network security boundary and assign relevant security capabilities.

From the operational point of view, there are three roles in the cloud security management platform: first, the whole platform needs to operate and maintain the security resource pool; The second is the security configuration of user access; The third is user service, which opens up the whole logical process.

Zhou Dong said,Because this system requires "live ammunition", the core technologies are mainly reflected in the following points:
First, the high-performance bottom layer, this system is built on the common server and exchange mechanism, can carry hundreds of gigabytes of traffic, and build a cluster with multiple servers to form a very large system.Can withstand the carrier-level PB-level traffic pressure. At the same time, high performance actually drives the ultimate cost performance.
Secondly, the stability of the system under huge and complicated pressure,The system needs to ensure 99.999% of the stability of this telecom level.For example, the redundancy design of the architecture and the closed-loop processing design after various problems appear are the key to realize the high reliability of the system.

Third, flexible adaptability,Hardware equipment that meets the requirements of the country’s innovation has excellent compatibility with third parties.Provide customers with a resource pool of various security capabilities that can be easily expanded and customized on demand.

Zhou Dong finally said that the next 5 to 10 years will be a golden period for cloud security to enter a peak development..At present, the layout of Ruihe cloud image in the cloud security system is basically mature, and it will grow at a rate of 50%~100% every year with the help of the east wind, combined with the needs of domestic credit creation, state secret transformation and the whole transformation to SASE service.

Software defines security and service creates value.Making security easier is the original intention of Ruihe Cloud Map and the mission of Zhou Dong.


Zhou Dong, founder and CEO of Ruihe Cloud Map, holds a master’s degree in pattern recognition and artificial intelligence in Tsinghua University, is a senior cloud security expert, and is the first advocate and practitioner of the technical route of Yunan’s wholly-owned source pool.

Asean Basketball League: Hong Kong Eastern battle into play-offs final, await opponents

Hong Kong Eastern are set to enjoy an extra day off before the Asean Basketball League (ABL) play-offs final tip off on Saturday.

But head coach Zeljko Pavlicevic played down the importance of any extra rest after the 2017 champions came from behind to defeat NS Matrix 76-70 at Nguyen Du Stadium in Ho Chi Minh City on Wednesday night, winning their semi-final series 2-0 against the Malaysian side.

In the other semi-final, Saigon Heat pushed the series to a decider with an 81-79 overtime win against Singapore Slingers, with Eastern’s opponents still yet to be confirmed.

“Yes, we will have one day off, then we will know who we will play and start making preparations like we always do,” veteran coach Pavlicevic said.

“These are experienced players who will be even more motivated under these kinds of situations. I do not want to say this is some kind of advantage.”

Facing a must-win game, NS Matrix – the only tournament debutants to reach the play-offs this season – came out more determined.