1-0! Harland scored some achievements, Manchester City sent a shame record to Crystal Palace, and 2 points were inferior to Arsenal.

After the Red Devils Manchester United’s Double Red Club defeated Liverpool by seven goals, they basically announced that they had withdrawn from the league title race, and the defending champion Manchester City became the only team that could threaten the leader Arsenal. This week, the 27th round of the Premier League started in an all-round way, and the Blue Moon Corps went to the away game to challenge the Crystal Palace. Although the latter was only in the middle and lower reaches of the standings, its strength should not be underestimated. Last season, it achieved an unbeaten record of 1 win and 1 draw against Manchester City at home and away. In order to continue to put pressure on Arsenal, Guardiola and his disciples.After the game started, the Blue Moon Army, which fought away from home, completely took over the game, and the offensive end created many chances to score, while the defensive end completely locked the Crystal Palace. However, the striker’s ability to seize the opportunity was not strong, which made Paris unable to break the deadlock until the last moment of the second half, when Harland scored the only goal in the whole game, helping Manchester City win the Crystal Palace 1-0!

After Guardiola became the head coach of Manchester City, he gradually built them into Barcelona in the Premier League. The super-high ball control rate and high-position grabbing became the most distinctive signs on their field. In the face of the Crystal Palace, the players of the Blue Moon Corps relied on continuous conduction balls, which made the players of the Crystal Palace unable to touch the ball for a long time, and the defensive end ran wildly without the ball, which also greatly consumed the physical strength of the crystal palace players. This is also the reason why the home team became more and more passive on the field with the deepening of the game.

In the whole game, Manchester City has the advantage of crushing opponents at both ends of attack and defense. With the ball possession rate reaching 68%, it created 14 chances to shoot, but the striker’s state was not very good and he wasted many excellent chances to score goals. However, there were still 4 shots that hit the target, and although Crystal Palace had 4 shots throughout the game, none of them hit the target.Before facing Villa and Crystal Palace, Crystal Palace didn’t shoot at the target, which made them the first team in the Premier League to shoot zero in three consecutive games since the statistics were available.

Guardiola still let Harland be the single arrow in this game, but the Norwegian Magic Man didn’t enter the state of "cannibalism". Although in the 76th minute, he used the penalty opportunity made by Gundogan to break the goal of Crystal Palace in one fell swoop, but he also wasted two opportunities to score goals. In the 28th minute, Ake swept in front of the door in the restricted area, and Harland, who was flanked by the middle, grabbed the shot and directly fired the anti-aircraft gun. At the last moment of the game, Grali left 45.

In addition to Harland, Alvarez, who came off the bench, also wasted an excellent opportunity to score goals on the court. In the 60th minute, Grali instigated the attack. After receiving the pass from his teammates, Alvarez turned around and entered the penalty area. Unfortunately, the final shot was not suppressed, and the goal passed by, and the state and performance of the World Cup declined significantly.

After winning this game, Manchester City narrowed the gap with the leader Arsenal to 2 points in the case of one more game. The gunners’ opponent this round is Fulham. Whether the latter can get points from Arsenal and help the Blue Moon Corps, let us wait and see.