Microsoft lets you chat with AI and help you develop applications.

Have you ever thought about chatting with artificial intelligence and even letting it help you develop applications? This may sound far away, but Microsoft has turned this wish into reality. Microsoft announced today that it will integrate the technology behind ChatGPT into its Power Platform platform, so that users can develop their own applications with little coding.

ChatGPT is an artificial intelligence chat robot, which was developed by OpenAI. Once it was launched, it immediately became the focus of global attention, and now it has become the fastest growing consumer application in history. ChatGPT can generate smooth, interesting and logical dialogues according to users’ input, and even imitate the style and tone of celebrities. In 2019, Microsoft invested $1 billion in OpenAI and obtained the exclusive license of GPT(ChatGPT Early Model).

Microsoft applied ChatGPT technology to its Power Platform, which is a low-code/no-code development platform for enterprises and individuals, including four sub-products: Power Apps, PowerAutomatic, Power BI and Power Virtual Agents. Users can create their own applications by simply dragging, selecting and inputting, without writing complicated codes.

Microsoft’s goal is to enable users to have a natural conversation with ChatGPT, so as to realize their own development needs. For example, users can tell ChatGPT that they want to create an application for inventory management, and ChatGPT can generate the corresponding application template according to the user’s description, and guide users to make subsequent customization and optimization. Users can also get application feedback, performance analysis and improvement suggestions through ChatGPT.

Microsoft said that the purpose of this technology is to enable more people to participate in the development of applications, regardless of whether they have programming skills. Microsoft believes that this will provide users with more creativity and flexibility, but also bring more efficiency and value to enterprises and individuals.