Ferdinand: Compared with Drogba, Torres is more difficult to deal with. It’s hard for you to play against him.

Live on March 10 th, Manchester United legend Ferdinand talked about Torres and Drogba on the FIVE Youtube channel. Ferdinand said that Torres is even more difficult to deal with.

Rio Ferdinand said: "Torres is difficult to deal with. I was talking about it the other day." He runs fast, strong, aggressive, flexible and does everything that makes you feel uncomfortable. "

"I actually talked to Benitez about him. He is really annoying on the pitch sometimes. But he is a great player. He sometimes stepped on my foot, and I had four or five cuts on my foot at halftime. This is even without the ball. "

"So he has an aggressive nature. But I like to compete with him. Drogba didn’t make me feel the game was difficult, but he scored an important goal against us. "

When asked which player he thinks is better, Ferdinand replied: "I will choose Drogba because he scored important goals, but Torres is even more difficult."