Interview | Zhou Dong, founder and CEO of Ruihe Cloud Map: Anchoring SASE technology and empowering cloud security 2.0.

Change contains opportunities, and ups and downs will make a good tree. With the continuous penetration of cloud computing, cloud security 1.0 is evolving to cloud security 2.0, and security technologies are also iterating.

According to Zhou Dong, founder and CEO of Ruihe Cloud Map, in the era of cloud security 1.0, after the business goes to the cloud, the whole IT structure system is different from the original, the physical boundary is no longer clear, and the traditional way of stacking security hardware is no longer feasible. Therefore, it is necessary to build a proprietary cloud security system.

In the era of cloud security 2.0, a set of operational security system is established with cloud security technology, and a cloud-based security service platform is provided, so that customers can obtain on demand and charge on demand just like using water and electricity to achieve safe landing.

Zhou Dong, founder and CEO of Ruihe Yuntu

Established in December 2014, Ruihe Cloud Map, its cloud security management platform, cloud security wholly-owned source pool and threat situation awareness as the core cloud security overall solution,Empowering cloud security 2.0 with SASE technology (secure access service edge) solves a series of problems such as unknowable, invisible and unmanageable in cloud security in one stop.And began large-scale commercialization in the fields of operators, governments and central enterprises.

Cloud security is the next big wave.

Looking back on my previous working experience,I studied technology in the first 10 years, engaged in sales in the last 10 years, and delved into the field of cloud security in recent years, which may be the best annotation for Zhou Dong.

As a post-70s student, Zhou Dong passed the pattern recognition and artificial intelligence major in Tsinghua University in his early years. During his college years, he benefited from the style of study, and with a rigorous and persistent attitude, he had deep thoughts on many issues and tended to explore the essence of things.

From an academic point of view, he said that the core of artificial intelligence is to extract the characteristics of things and recognize them. In the early 1990s, artificial neural network technology began to rise, but its application effect was not very satisfactory. With the advent of deep learning algorithms, the market of artificial intelligence gradually opened up.

Zhou Dong, who has personally experienced the Internet wave, is always thinking about what is the big wave after the Internet.Around 2008, he basically determined that "cloud" was a big wave behind him and chose to join a security company.

Adhering to the spirit of seeking truth from facts and never giving up, Zhou Dong will never relax once he looks at one thing, and will always aim at this direction.

In 2012, he realized that he had to keep up with the next wave of "cloud security". After several considerations, he decided to seize the opportunity, conform to the development trend, and began to create the Ruihe cloud map with cloud security as the core technology.

In his view,To be a good security enterprise, we must have our own system and methodology, and find the balance between core value points and customer satisfaction points, so as to truly make cloud security applications land.

Break the fuzzy boundary

Zhou Dong emphasized that the cloud is not a unique technology, but an IT infrastructure.In the future cloud security, the next development system must be based on native and convergence, providing users with the security protection of network layer, data layer and even various applications.

Although the technology of security circle is constantly developing and new technologies emerge one after another, the underlying security logic has not changed. For example, zero trust, data security, trusted computing technology,They have a lot of consistency in essence, and they are all a cryptography system based on identity authentication, authorization and encryption and decryption.Therefore, what is changing is the IT infrastructure and various new business application modes, and what remains unchanged is the underlying security logic and systematic integration protection thought.

What customers pursueThe ultimate goal is to require service providers to provide the security capabilities and package solutions they need.Therefore, for security vendors, it is the shortest way to integrate these technical capabilities into a system and do a good job of comprehensive protection against various network attacks. Therefore, Zhou Dong has adopted SASE-based services, integrating various security capabilities, such as the firewall for border protection, the encryption of identity rights for data security, and so on.

In essence, the customer’s physical environment is an IT system, but on the cloud, the security problem is the same, that is, the boundary is not clear.

The first dimension is the technological boundary.In the cloud system, the core point is to break the boundary ambiguity problem of IT system and re-equip the security service capability defined by software to disappear the boundary;The second dimension is the responsibility boundaryFor cloud service providers, cloud tenants and third-party operation and maintenance service providers, an operational and measurable system is formulated to divide their respective responsibility boundaries.

Starting from these two dimensions, Zhou Dong has built a unique security system of Ruihe Cloud Map.

"Cloud+Network+Security" Integrated Management Platform

Ruihe cloud map is located inTechnical System of "Cloud Security Management Platform+Security Resource Pool +NFV Security Network Element"Regarding the design path behind it, Zhou Dong said that it is not a single security product, but a systematic structure, which needs the integration of cloud, network and security to form a unified management platform.

To build a security resource pool, it is necessary to integrate a large number of complex network technologies, because security has changed the business direction of users, and it is necessary to find out the virtual network security boundary and assign relevant security capabilities.

From the operational point of view, there are three roles in the cloud security management platform: first, the whole platform needs to operate and maintain the security resource pool; The second is the security configuration of user access; The third is user service, which opens up the whole logical process.

Zhou Dong said,Because this system requires "live ammunition", the core technologies are mainly reflected in the following points:
First, the high-performance bottom layer, this system is built on the common server and exchange mechanism, can carry hundreds of gigabytes of traffic, and build a cluster with multiple servers to form a very large system.Can withstand the carrier-level PB-level traffic pressure. At the same time, high performance actually drives the ultimate cost performance.
Secondly, the stability of the system under huge and complicated pressure,The system needs to ensure 99.999% of the stability of this telecom level.For example, the redundancy design of the architecture and the closed-loop processing design after various problems appear are the key to realize the high reliability of the system.

Third, flexible adaptability,Hardware equipment that meets the requirements of the country’s innovation has excellent compatibility with third parties.Provide customers with a resource pool of various security capabilities that can be easily expanded and customized on demand.

Zhou Dong finally said that the next 5 to 10 years will be a golden period for cloud security to enter a peak development..At present, the layout of Ruihe cloud image in the cloud security system is basically mature, and it will grow at a rate of 50%~100% every year with the help of the east wind, combined with the needs of domestic credit creation, state secret transformation and the whole transformation to SASE service.

Software defines security and service creates value.Making security easier is the original intention of Ruihe Cloud Map and the mission of Zhou Dong.


Zhou Dong, founder and CEO of Ruihe Cloud Map, holds a master’s degree in pattern recognition and artificial intelligence in Tsinghua University, is a senior cloud security expert, and is the first advocate and practitioner of the technical route of Yunan’s wholly-owned source pool.